Strategic Plan Overview

Washington County Public Schools has reviewed our District’s direction for the next five years. Staff, students, parents, and stakeholders all participated in the review process. The District’s Strategic Plan has three components.

 The first component includes the new mission and vision statements that will drive the work of the District. The District’s goals and belief statements are also included in the first component and they provide a more narrow focus on identified areas of improvement that will require action to implement. Decisions concerning the District will be made with these guiding principles in mind.


The second component of the District Strategic Plan consists of comprehensive maps with targeted interventions and/or strategies to improve all goals in three areas: Internal Processes; Teaching and Learning; and Student and Stakeholder Engagement. These focused plans will be the work of the District. 


The third component is the Balanced Score Card which will be a shortened version of the District Strategic Plan which will be used to help guide the Board of Education in its continued improvement.


Each school formulated a Strategic Plan and all of these plans work in conjunction with the District’s plan to provide a connected thread of improvement throughout the District. For a printable copy of the District Strategic Plan, click here.

Mission, Vision and Goals


Washington County Public Schools- inspiring all children to excel in academics, arts, and athletics.



WCPS - Building the foundation for a thriving community of self-supporting citizens through diverse educational opportunities.  Enter our doors as a child; exit our doors as a well-rounded and productive citizen.



AREA: Internal Processes


1.  Ensure systematic process for school/system continuous improvement planning.

2.  Ensure schools/system has the resources needed for improvement.

3.  Manage effective facilities and an excellent bus fleet.

4.  Develop and retain an exceptional workforce.


AREA: Teaching & Assessing for Growth


1.  Improve classroom instruction with technology emersion.

2.  Improve a systems approach to assessing students K-12.

3.  Improve process/programs for students who need additional support services.

4.  Improve the number of students pursuing post-secondary options.


AREA: Student & Stakeholder Engagement


1.  Improve parent services.

2.  Improve student/parent/community relations.

3.  Improve staff’s professional image.


GOAL#   Actions, Strategies, Interventions

1.            Develop a procedure/process manual for system planning which includes district feedback, SIP plan review, and accountability.

1.            Train teacher leaders to lead data teams at the school level.

1.            Write procedures for request of school level resources.

2.            Conduct resource/curriculum audit.

2.            Conduct technology audit.

2.            Write procedure for department resource request.

2.            Install and implement upgraded CSI Financial software.

2.            Implement/control required Affordable Care Act.

3.            Write ESPLOST IV needs and create an action plan.

3.            Make bus fleet improvement.

3.            Write 5-year facility plan.

4.            Train and develop system mentors for teachers and future leaders.

4.            Provide district support for new teachers by reviewing and expanding the mentoring program.

4.            Extend Aspiring Leaders Cohorts to training Teacher-leaders.

4.            Train/write Professional Learning Plans and Professional Development Plans for teachers.

4.            Train teacher leaders in Data Teaming.

4.            Constitute a Teacher Advisory Team.

GOAL#  Actions, Strategies, Interventions

1.            Purchase technology equipment: Computers/devices; Document cameras; interactive systems.

1.            Purchase technology software:  Read 180; Read 44; and, Do the Math.

1.            Provide staff with technology training: Read 180; Read 44; Do the Math; Grad-Point; Technology Carousel, and other technology.

2.            Write district common assessments.

2.            Implement SRI assessment.

2.            Revise district writing rubrics.

2.            Develop and monitor SLO’s.

2.            Develop engaging, rigorous lessons.

2.            Provide support training to teachers to improve instruction.

3.            Implement PBIS.

3.            Track students not reading on grade level to target deficient areas. Implement level reading for all students and implement the SRI screener.

3.            Implement/monitor new RTI process.

3.            Implement effective instructional strategies for Special Education students.

3.            Design school-based successful pre-intervention, post-intervention programs.

3.            Teach reading/writing strategies in all content areas.

3.            Hire ESOL teacher.

3.            Development mentor program for black males in each school.

4.            Write Engaging lessons (PLC).

4.            Student work examples (PLC)

4.            Revise Career Awareness Program and Career Education Focus.

4.            Increase the number of students taking dual enrollment courses.

4.            Increase the number of students accepted in post-secondary options.


Goal#    Actions, Strategies, Interventions


1.            Content Parent Workshops

1.            Parent-Volunteer Program

1.            School/district network of support

1.            Create a Washington County Scholarship Non-profit

2.            Schools adopt a business

2.            Schools adopt a nursing home

2.            Develop high school business, trucking, construction programs, and local internships

2.            Create a “Golden Hawk” Recognition Program

3.            Develop district media promotion

3.            Send out business brochure

3.            Mail Hawk Highlights to individual homes

3.            Send Golden Hawks Friday Forecast

3.            Develop WaCo Standouts media series

3.            Showcase staff at different schools and implement district-wide staff celebrations