Below are links to several parent-friendly academic student resources that might be of interest to you as you work to support and engage your Pre-K through grade 12 children’s learning success at home.

*For additional ideas and suggestions on ways to use the resources links with grade specific curriculum maps, please contact your school level Parent Involvement Coordinator. Have fun!

Math Resources for All Grades:

IXL Learning Comprehensive list of math skills and topics that students need to master at every grade level. Includes interactive practice problems with explanations if the problem is solved incorrectly. Targeted towards students from pre-kindergarten through high school geometry.

Wolfram- Alpha is a computational search engine that can solve algebraic equations, graph, simplify expressions and in many cases show the steps to a solution.  Appropriate for all ages and grades.

Resources for *Primary - Elementary Students:

That’s  Math!

*A website full of free parent interactions to help you support your child in math. Includes easy activities for toddlers to 5th grade students. 

PBS Kids Game

Online games designed to help reinforce reading and vocabulary. Designed for lower elementary students.

IXL Learning

Comprehensive list of English skills and topics that students need to master for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grades. Includes interactive practice problems with explanations if the problem is solved incorrectly.

Resources for Middle School Students:


Free video lessons for students, all in organized YouTube-style videos for both English and math. Ideal for upper elementary and middle school students.

Figure This!

Math challenges that middle school students can do at home with their families.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Help improve your student’s vocabulary and word usage skills with some fun and interactive game and activities. Ideal for middle school students.

Resources for High School Students:


A free, downloadable program that graphs functions and relations, draws geometric figures dynamically, and allows students to explore mathematical relationships. Suggested for middle school and high school students, particularly students taking Algebra, Trigonometry, and Calculus.

Short lessons geared to parents for Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, and Geometry.

HippoCampus -

Multimedia tutorials to help students succeed in Algebra as well as higher math subjects like Calculus. Geared towards high school math students.

SAT Question of the Day

A daily SAT question in either math or English. Perfect for high school students thinking about college.

English Language Arts Resources for All Grades:

Discovery Education

Video chapters and web resources that assist students with their written and verbal communication skills. Content areas included are grammar, composition, and mechanics from kindergarten to 12th grade.